George Petropoulos founded Petropoulos Enterprises in 1947. The company’s headquarters were located, in the “FEXI Arcade” area, which was the commercial center of Athens. For many years the activities of the company were concentrated on the import and selling of consumer products from European Countries. 


In 1974, John Petropoulos, having finished his university studies, succeeded his father and evolved the activities of the company. By beginning the representation and the exclusive imports of products, of some of the greatest and most well known factories in the world, he succeeded to establish their position in the Greek, Cyprian and Balkan market. 


In 2007, after completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies as a Materials Engineer and after working in scientific research programs in Greek and European universities, Ektor Petropoulos, followed the steps of his ancestors and entered in the family business with the will to continue and expand the activities of the Group focusing on professional tools of Marketing and Logistics sites.


Nowadays, Petropoulos Group of companies constantly invests in professional and modern tools in order to remain in leading position in the domestic and international market