When, in 1911, Valentin Tramontina began with a small smithy in the south of Brazil, in the city of Carlos Barbosa, he never imagined where Tramontina would be in the present day operating in both national and international markets.

The diversity of our 10 manufacturing plants includes more than 22,000 items aimed at the segments of domestic utilities, tools, electric materials, tables, chairs and kitchen equipment. It is through innovation and diversification that the Group strives to satisfy customers and consumers, who use TRAMONTINA’s products in the most varied domestic and professional activities.

Producing thousands of product units each month, TRAMONTINA constantly invests in modernization of stocking and logistic processes so as to better serve the market. In Brazil, TRAMONTINA has 5 Distribution Centers and 5 Regional Sales Offices strategically located in a manner to ensure maximum speed in product delivery. With exports to over 120 countries, there are 6 Distribution Centers and 2 Sales Offices located abroad. This entire infrastructure provides the support needed for an efficient distribution system. Each manufacturing unit and distribution unit is independent, but they all rely on the Head Office, located in Carlos Barbosa, for the definition of general company guidelines.

Due to TRAMONTINA’s commitment to conscious and responsible management, not only to the quality of the products it manufactures, but through its actions for the good of the planet and its future generations, it implements treatment processes for solid waste, liquid effluents and atmospheric emissions with quality standards that comply with the specifications of Brazilian and international environmental agencies. Attention to the environment also includes care for conservation areas and investments in production forest projects. Harmonizing productivity and respect for the environment not only constitutes a competitive differential, but also a commitment to sustainable development. Innovation, design, technology and, above all, human capital are trademark building blocks of this company.

For TRAMONTINA, people are by far the most important, and so, the Group concentrates on the professional and personal development of TRAMONTINA’s team, which surpasses a total of 6,000 employees.

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